Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Random Wednesday Thoughts

Happy Wednesday!

This week has been a bit of a blur around our house due to busy schedules. This has been the highlight of the week so far:)

Sunday night I started a new/old Beth Moore bible study called Breaking Free. I did it years ago and I am so encouraged to see some growth that has taken place in me since I filled in that workbook five years ago. Five years ago I was a relatively new mother (Kyle was almost two and we had just found our that we were expecting David) and I had only been married four years. The fears and worries that I wrote about five years ago are now nonexistent. Of course, now on the cusp of another addition to our family, Mike's crazy job, current economy, etc.. there are new things that I approach God about daily. I have found lately that I have been struggling with excessive WORRY over things that frankly I have no control over, so this bible study comes at a time when I REALLY need to be reminded who is the One on the throne and who isn't:)

I had someone touch my belly the other day!!! UGGH-it is not exactly like I am hugely showing in my stomach now, so I was not clear on that one!!! It is someone who I really like, but I am not that close to. The boys touch my belly all the time, but not someone outside of the family at Walmart!!!:)

I am getting a little annoyed about all the talk about girl versus boy. I have said it from the beginning that I would be thrilled with either one, so I just want to get through the upcoming ultrasound to hear that everything is cooking along with little Peanut beautifully:) God knows what this family needs and we trust that He certainly knows better than we do:)

Kyle is so excited about his upcoming swim meet this weekend at Knoxville-UT. He finally gets the concept that he needs to work hard in practice to prepare for this meet-I believe there are nine hundred and some odd swimmers registered-wow:)

I do admit that while I worked out yesterday at the gym, I borrowed my 7 year-old's MP3 player!!!!

Have a great day!

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