Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our Christmas gift

As I shared in an earlier post, Mike and I got each other the same CD for Christmas-I know that is weird and probably a sign that we have been married too long or something, but we both giggled Christmas morning!

About a month before Christmas Mike came home and told me he heard a great new song on our Christian radio station and asked if I had heard it. Since I only listen to that station I knew exactly what he was talking about. After dinner he looked for it online and I heard him say "I cannot believe this-I know that guy!"

Come to find out our new hit song is written by an amazing group, called 33 Miles and Mike went to college at LA Tech with the main singer for the group. Mike even remembers him in college being on fire for the Lord and singing then. We were so amazed and then we just went a little nutty and bought each other the CD:)

Of course we love the CD but it makes it more personal when Mike realized that the main singer is someone Mike knew during college! When you open our blog, the song that starts is called "One Life" by 33 Miles and I am just enamored with this song and group right now. Both my kids can sing along with this song if that is any indication how many times we listen to it in the car!:)

The song hits home to me that during our life's "business" don't forget that we truly only have one life and to pursue the things that truly matter-often we miss the forest for the trees. I cringe when I think how many times I have told David I would read him a book when I finished the dishes, or I told Kyle I would take him out to play in the snow and it melted before I could get outside (okay, that really happened last week and I am still harboring guilt-it snows here but not like everyday). In the stage of life we are in now, this is such a needed reminder in our lives-Mike's job could consume his every moment and this house could keep me busy for decades, but we are trying to choose life and matters of the heart in this season of our life.

"You only get one time around
You only get one shot at this
One chance, to find out
The one thing that you don't want to miss
One day when it is all said and done
I hope you see that it was enough, this
One ride, one try, One life to love

One Life, 33 Miles (they got the name of their group from the number of years that Jesus walked on this earth-cool huh?!)

I hope you enjoy this song and that it will speak to you as well:) I think it is awesome when you find a good song and the lyrics speak to your heart and soul.

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