Thursday, January 22, 2009

Family update

This has been a pretty busy week for us. Mike has been out of town and we have not had any burgulars or intruders considering the local paper advertised through an article about the school budget that Mike would be in Richmond for several days. I was so incredibly annoyed at that for some reason-most of you know what a chicken I am and that definately did not add to my comfort. Thankfully, my mom came and stayed and we have been to busy redecorating the boys rooms to notice. We are officially in the process of moving David into Kyle's room!!! I have no clue how this will work, but we will try:)

This week I also got really nervous about peanut's kick counts. I realized Monday or so that I never felt him/her move while we were in Knoxville and frankly I got a little nervous. So I trudged to the doctor in the snow Tuesday and sure enough Peanut is growing, and kicking quite beautifully in my womb. Thanks to you all that knew this was going on and encouraged me and prayed for me during that. It was scary and made us all realized how much we are totally in love with this little peanut! Mike really hates that I am calling him/her Peanut, but that is how it looked on the first ultrasound and the name stuck. Hopefully soon we will know if it is a Mr. or Mrs. Peanut:)

Mike is still out of town until Friday on a consulting gig. It often baffles me (in a funny way honey because you know I love you) that people actually pay him money for his opinions!!! Just joking of course, because this house definately does not lack opinions.:) He really gets into sharing his dissertation research and helping teachers understand that their attitude towards their students impacts achievement. He is actually in our old stomping ground in central Virginia providing a school system with staff development. He loves doing this kind of thing, but we are ready for him to come home!

This is so odd also, but I have had three seperate calls just in the last three days about our local Down Syndrome group. It is always so fulfilling to talk with new parents about raising a child with DS. It has really made me remember those first few confusing months with David. All of us have grown so much in the last four years spiritually and emotionally because of David's birth. It is so hard when you talk with new parents to get them through the shock and grief to get them to see the joy of where we are today in our parenting with David. I truly believe without David I would have been the most obnoxious mother on the planet-that I would have put way too much stock in my children's successes and achievements and quite frankly used that to boost my own ego. I am such a better mother and overall person because of David!

That is all of my random thoughts for the week. I truly covet and appreciate your prayers for our little Peanut. We are coming up on that big ultrasound (20 week) and I just pray for good news and a healthy baby:) Being a veteran mom you unfortunately know too much now of what could go wrong and it is hard not to bring that worry into the ultrasound room. I know people think when I say that I mean another child with DS, but that is not our concern. We have two thriving and healthy boys and that is what we pray for our third:) Thank you for your interest in our family because if you have read to the end of this dissertation-sized post then you really must love us!

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