Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sweet Relief

This has been a pretty stressful week full of "must do's" and some pretty stressful budget meetings for Mike. By Friday morning, I really wasn't feeling myself. I went on to preschool, but after about an hour, I felt really dizzy when I stood up or leaned over to help a child. I left preschool immediately and went right to the doctor.

My doctor wasn't there, but I saw one of his partners who was as kind and sweet as he could be. I just felt so nervous and felt so bad that I just wept. He assured me that I was not the only pregnant lady that has ever cried in his presence. My blood pressure was a little elevated, and my iron was a little low, but the reason that I felt so dizzy was because I have that pregnancy condition (I know it has a fancier word but I cannot remember it) where your blood pressure changes when you change positions. It is not a problem at all, but it does make you nervous when you feel dizzy.

Then he volunteered to do an ultrasound!!!! Gotta love a doctor that can read your mind:) He did a thorough ultrasound where he took lots of measurements. The good news is that the baby continues to grow beautifully and the ultrasound measurements match his measurements on me which matches the due date:) That is very good news! I have another appointment Monday to recheck blood pressure. No final news yet on a Mr. or Miss Peanut, but frankly that news will just be icing on the cake:)

I have a precious ultrasound picture that I will scan later today. As a way to recharge Mike's batteries after a rough week and to keep my blood pressure under control we are officially having a "Robinson hangout weekend." We had pizza and a movie night last night (The Express-great history lesson centered around football but the language was not great).

We truly covet your prayers for the rest of this pregnancy. It has not been the smoothest one and I am a little worried about my blood pressure-it keeps creeping up. We are officially at the half way point of this awesome journey and time is truly flying. I am getting to that stage where I just want to hold this baby in my arms even though I am sort of remembering now the lack of sleep you get when there is a newborn in the house:)

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