Saturday, January 31, 2009

Touch of Jesus

I rarely post twice in one day, but today I just had to share my thoughts. Earlier today I went to a benefit to raise money for a local sheriff's deputy who died recently. They were serving lunches and I went and bought two of them for our lunch. I came home after picking up the lunches and read again on the internet the details of this man's death. He was off-duty and had pulled over on an icy morning to help another person who had had an accident. He truly did not have to stop and help-he was on his own time in his personal vehicle. I was just so touched that I felt the need to reread the details of this courageous man and the details of his last morning. What is interesting, is the fact that we were out on that icy interstate the same morning and we feel that his accident may have been one of the many we passed that morning.

David came over to me and realized I was crying. He climbed up in my lap and literally laid his head on my chest. I told him that Mommy was okay, I was just sad over a man that had died. He then took his little brownie-caked fingers and wiped my tears away with the most tender touch you have ever felt. It never phased Kyle that I was wiping away tears, but David was so aware that he climbed up on my lap and wiped my tears.

It just truly reminded me that my Father in heaven just like David knows when I weep and wipes my tears away. Isaiah 25:8 reminds us that "He will swallow up death in victory; and the Lord God will wipe away tears from all faces.." In the midst of budget turmoil and anxiety across our country, it is such refreshing news to hear that the King of Kings knows about our tears and gently wipes them all away. If you ever doubt that and need a sweet reminder, I will gladly let you borrow David for a few moments the next time you run across something that brings tears to your eyes:)

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  1. What a precious sweetie - David is going to be such a caring big brother! I was also so devastated to hear the news about Chris Pascal; he and I went to school, so sad and unbelievable...I can't imagine what his family must be going through...
    P.S. I'm looking forward to seeing the ultrasound picture:) Can I guess which doctor that was?:)