Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our big adventure

Wow-what a trip! We just got home from spending the weekend in Knoxville at a huge swim meet at UT. Our trip home was interesting in pouring snow, but we had a great time together. Kyle swam both Saturday and Sunday afternoon and we really enjoyed this huge place. UT has recently built a new aquatic center and what a thrill for a seven year-old swimmer to get to be apart of such an event. Kyle swam well and decreased all his times which is always great:)

What impressed me so much about this adventure was the confidence that Kyle exuded. He was a nervous wreck all week and I kept reassuring him until Saturday morning when I walked into that place! I was overwhelemd:) This center is set up that only coaches and swimmers are allowed on the pool deck and parents are to stay up above in the stadium seats. Really, they meant it and the rules were not budging!

Let me get this straight Mr. Swim Marshall-I am suppose to let my child go on the deck all day and me just watch-you mean I cannot give last minute pointers, or take my own child to the bathroom, or make sure he doesn't miss an event? YES! This was a test for this control-freak mammma and mamma-attached kid! But, I must brag-Kyle handled himself like a confident swimmer that has done this a million times. He left us right before warmups and we didn't see him again until after his last event. We cheered for him (loudly I admit!) and we waved a few times, but that is all that was allowed.

Sometimes our children rise to occassions we never think are possible and today was such a lesson for me. Kyle is that MP3 loving kid that exuded more composure today than his mother probably did. I could not have been more proud!

Swim baby swim! I had to yell really loudly at this arena for him to hear me! I would go as low as I could to take pictures and yell during his individual events-according to my friends who stayed with Mike, he yelled just as loudly as I did!

Hanging out listening to his MP3 player chomping on some fruit snacks. He just looks so grown-up to me in this picture-where is that little boy that loved Thomas the train?

Right before a race, Kyle is getting some last minute pointers from Coach Bob.

What a huge and amazing aquatic center Ut has recently built! WOW:)

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