Sunday, January 4, 2009

Icing on the Cake

Well, our two weeks of family and fun is over and to put the finishing touches on our Christmas break we headed to Pigeon Forge for the weekend. A new place there, called Wilderness at the Smokies is open now which is a HUGE hotel with a waterpark inside. We started off at Dollywood and the outlet malls on Friday and then went to the waterpark for Saturday and Sunday. It was a wonderful way to end our Christmas break-back to the real world tomorrow!

This waterpark is so much fun and all my boys (Mike and the kids) had a great time. Me, being the pregnant girl was assigned to the baby pool on David patrol. It was fun to watch him swim and play. The ceiling is made to allow the sun to come through and you can actually get a tan inside. Today I sat in a little chair by the wave pool watching David and to feel the sun on my face and the water washing over my toes just made me anticipate summer! I can honestly say I relaxed some even though I had to chase wild man! Here are some pictures of our fun this weekend:)

This is my Dad, Pops, coming off the water slide. He was injured from a previous incident between his face and the car door:) But despite the injury, he had fun on the water slides with Kyle.

David loved riding his "boat" around the wave pool when the waves were turned off!

Kyle really loved the big wave pool. The waves were wild and Kyle couldn't get enough. Here is a picture of Mike and Kyle out riding the waves:)

Kyle and David playing in a water spout.

Kyle loved the surf rider! He was great at it, but he was the only one brave enough to try it:)

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