Monday, January 19, 2009

Winter Wonderland

What a fun day today. After our big weekend at UT, we were so thankful and excited that Mike called a snow day today!!! (bless his heart-Kyle and I put so much pressure on him to make the call!) We spent the morning being lazy and then we headed out in the snow for some fun. You never know how long David will last, but we met up with some friends on the golf course and we were out for over two hours! It even started snowing HARD while we were out there and David still loved flying down the hill. I could not believe how brave he was!

Mike has already called school off tomorrow since the roads are still a little iffy, so I look forward to another day out with the boys. My house really needs some attention, but with my goal of enjoying this "one life" (see post called Christmas gift) I left it all behind and went outside with my boys:) They have big plans with neighborhood friends to walk out to an even bigger hill and make our snowman even taller:) I just wanted to share some cute pictures from our day in winter wonderland!

By the grace of God my two boys were able to work cooperatively together to build this snowman. They have big plans to improve him tomorrow:)

Big boy David riding the sled:) This was his first ride ever down the sled solo! We were so proud of him!

Kyle loved flying down the hill!

My sweet angels:)

Our house sits on the golf course-this truly looks like a winter wonderland. We love the golf course for safe sledding! No cars, few trees, and friends from the neighborhood make snow days precious and memorable.

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