Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Doctor's Appointment

Yesterday I had my 16 week checkup at the doctor. Everything seemed to be fine! The doctor did have to do an ultrasound to find the heartbeat-I was freaked out for a few minutes until I heard that glorious whomp, whomp whomp sound! I will probably know mid-February if this is a Mr. or Miss Peanut!!! I honestly do not care-just let me at the newborn section at the mall!!!!!! My Mom did buy some precious green and yellow little gowns over the weekend:)

Yesterday, at the doctor I was due for some bloodwork that I had failed to do last appointment. I had already told the doctor and nurse that I wanted no prenatal testing and I know they marked my chart accordingly. I went into the lab to do the bloodwork and the sweet lab tech went into how much blood was being drawn and what tests were being run. She then said that this is also the time to do the AFP test-I have no idea what it stands for, it just "screens" for Down Syndrome, spina bifida, etc.. I know very well what that test is all about and I also know that there are many many false positives on that test. In my previous pregnancies I never had any of the testing done because I went to a Christian practice that did not push it at all.

So, I told that sweet lab girl that I knew I had to have all the mandatory stuff, but no thank you on the AFP. You could tell she was stunned, but trying hard not to let me know. She then reminded me that I would need no additional blood drawn for this test-bless her heart, she was trying so hard!!!!

I then said that I never had the test with my prior pregnancies and I certainly wasn't starting now and that my doctor and I had already discussed this. She then further try to persuade me by saying that there is only a short window where this test can be completed and to call her if I changed my mind! I know what window she is referring to and I am certain that it has to do with the fact that if a result came back that I wasn't comfortable with that I could have "options." No thanks!

I am sure that for many people that AFP test is important to help them prepare mentally for a special needs child-our family will do just what we have done so far in our parenting-wing it and rely on God to carry us through. If He can get us through potty-training both of our boys and my pregnant hormonal state, and He can get us through anything

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