Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Big Week

Whew-it has been a fun, culminating, and exhausting week! I think the last week of school is wonderful when you can celebrate accomplishments with your children, but man is it exhausting! Both boys have had special parties, special programs, and we even managed to work in several ball games, and even a trip to the doctor with David for pink eye and that just sums up the last 72 hours!

Kyle having fun at his first grade farm party:)

David's PreK class had a beach party to celebrate the end of the year. I watched David go down the slide and then realized his eyes were almost shut because they were swollen. I made him leave the party and go to the doctor where we got our pink eye diagnosis.

David sliding into home with Daddy cheering him on! He was so proud of himself and the whole crowd cheered him on!

The boys had a Tball game on Monday night and David not only made it on first base, but made it around all the bases and was able to slide into home plate!!! We all screamed and cheered like wild people! I love this picture of David on first base with Daddy coaching in a suit:) Mike was late to the game due to a school board meeting, but he was able to see David run those bases and slide into home!!

Kyle was a narrator in the first grade musical called Stone Soup. He was excited to have a speaking part and the musical was wonderful!

David on stage performing with his class:) He sang every word and did every motion-we were so proud!

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