Monday, June 29, 2009

Cute Cousins and New Playgrounds

Spontaneous fun is sometimes the best kind of fun. My Mom was due to come back to visit yesterday and she decided to bring my cute four year old nephew Clayton with her. This was clayton's first sleepover away from his or his Nanny's house and he did awesome! He kept us laughing and my boys enjoyed their cousin for a sleepover and playdate. Clayton has a funny personality and literally says what he is thinking. Last night walking around my house he said "Aunt Laura I like your place!" He sounded like a 30 year old. Today he told me that they cannot have anymore babies at their house because his Mom is not a very good parent. (Just for the record, my SIL Annette is a great mother who thankfully appreciates her son's humor!)

Over the weekend Ashley's Dad installed our new playground! It will be a challenge for little David to master, but it will be so fun for both boys. Below are pictures of the boys playing on it:)

My dear Tennessee friend, Tracy dropped off the MOST GORGEOUS baby bracelet for little Hope. She has worn it today and when my camera gets charged again, I will post pictures! Tracy is a jewelry designer and I will post pics of the bracelet and link you to her website. You will not believe how dainty and beautiful this bracelet is!! I am devastated that we missed their visit today, but she left us some precious baby clothes and this AMAZING bracelet!

Clayton could not resist kissing Hope! He would run by for a kiss every so often and tell Hope how pretty she is!

3 Cuties in the moon bounce.

Clayton and Kyle really enjoyed the waterslide and they incorporated their army play into it with their guns.
Three sweet boys sitting around my kitchen table eating pancakes.

Clayton was really into Baby Hope and really wanted to hold her a lot! He would talk to her in the sweetest voice:) Just note, that the purple gloves were part of Clayton's game that he was playing and that I did not require him to wear them to hold Hope! I am not that bad of a germaphob!!!:)

Daddy and the boys trying out the new playground

Our new playground!

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  1. That is an awesome play set. I know the boys are going to spend a lot of time on it. Looks like you have a lot of help around your house. Isn't it amazing how life just keeps going with child #3. I'm so happy for you all. Your family is truly special!!!