Saturday, June 27, 2009

Strange Men, Lake Fun and More

There has been a strange man laying around in my kitchen floor this week-why you ask? Well, the story is not pretty but it must be told. When we came home from the hospital with little Hope, Mike and I both noticed that the tiles in our kitchen floor looked dirty, dark, and the actual tiles were cracking. After much investigation, Mike realized that our dishwasher has had a slow but steady leak that has leaked under the tiles in our kitchen floor to create this mess. We have insurance and floor people coming Monday to investigate the situation and figure out how to replace/fix this mess. I really do not want to deal with this now, but I also want to get this fixed right so we do not have mold issues down the road.

But, we have had a fun week despite sweet repairmen in our house. We even took Hope to Hungry Mother for the first time so the boys can swim. We had such fun and Hope hung out in the shade.

On another fun note, Miss Hope had a good doctor report on Friday. I took her a little early for her two week checkup since the boys were off at the Burkett's house having a fun playdate. Hope weighs 7 pounds, 8 ounces, and measured 20 3/4 inches. We are going to stay on the reflux meds for a while longer since she is having some reflux issues now. I am really worried to take her off of them, so maybe in a month or so we will start to decrease the dosage.

I cannot post without some pictures of my sweet three children:)

I am not clear why this picture is sideways, but she is so sweet even sideways.

Hope hanging in the shade at Hungry Mother Lake.

My sweet boys having fun in the lake.

The boys love for me to pump Hope a bottle so they can give it to her. David and Pops got to give Hope this one:)

This weekend Kyle and Mike are at a swim meet about 30 minutes away. It is killing me not to be there, but we decided that it was too hot and humid to take Hope to an outdoor swim meet today. Plus, on an exciting note, our new playground is going up TODAY!!! I will post pictures when it is all done. Ashley's handy Dad is doing the job for us thank goodness:)

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  1. Laura-just got the address of your blog--it is really great. I am so happy to get to see the newest addition to the family-I know you and all the boys will really enjoy her. She looks precious. Take care. Laura Hall