Saturday, June 20, 2009

Looking Up

What a huge difference a day makes! I am feeling so much better and frankly I realized today that I am getting way more sleep with a newborn in the house than when I was 9 months pregnant!! We are enjoying a relaxing weekend and just enjoying all five of us in the house together with no agenda.

It has been five years since we have had a newborn in the house and things are slowly coming back to us again. You know you have a newborn in the house again when:

Even when you are standing still without a baby in your arms you find yourself rocking side to side.

You measure time in 2-3 hour increments based on feeding schedules.

The washer and dryer go nonstop due to all the baby laundry. Hope is on her third outfit just today and I promise I am not changing her just to model new outfits!

Household duties get neglected. We have had a ton of rain lately and my flower beds are more weeds than flowers and frankly it does not bother me one bit.

You are pleased with yourself when everyone in the house is dressed and have had breakfast before noon.

TV privileges are way looser than usual with the big boys! Mike and I were so pleased today when we realized that we have FREE movie channels all weekend long on Directv. Bingo!

Here are some cute pictures that we have taken this weekend.

This picture of David cracks me up. He is adamant sometimes to hold Hope and then when he gets her in his arms he is so proud of himself! Last night I was nursing Hope and David insisted to hold her. I told him that after I nursed and burped Hope then he could hold her. In his sweet but very strong-willed voice, David then said No, Me Feed Hope now and began pulling his shirt up!! Oh dear....

One of my preschool parents, Kim gave Hope this adorable onesie that says, Daddy I want a pony! I think it is so cute and she was wearing it when we tried out the swing. She did not like it a lot-we will try again in a few days)

One of our neighbors, Merrill, gave the boys this digital camera and scrapbook to make an album of their sister. David is WAY into this project and wanted to take Hope's picture in the swing. He looks like a little tourist with that camera strapped around his neck!

Kyle really gets into taking care of Hope and loves to give her a bottle when she needs it. Kyle gets so frustrated with David because he takes his job seriously when he has Hope, and gets mad at David for acting silly around her. Kyle has really been a great big brother and helper to me.

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