Friday, June 19, 2009


OUCH! I have developed a bad case of mastitis on both sides which has required a trip to the OB and pediatrician this morning. The good news is that I can continue nursing, but the bad news is that I have flu-like symptoms and feel like I have been hit by a HUGE mack truck. I have fever and chills and I ache like I have the flu.

The pediatrician gave Hope a wonderful report even though she looks a little like a pumpkin:) She has jaundice still, but her level is still okay. She has put on one ounce since leaving the hospital and overall is doing great.

We are excited about a quiet weekend here at home. Mike was up last night taking care of me and Hope so I know we are all needing some sleep.

On a fun note, Kyle found out this week that he made All-Stars for his age in our local Little League. I am excited for him:) He now starts practicing for these games with this whole new team. He is one of the youngest kids on the team, so he is a little nervous.

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