Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Update

I cannot believe it is Monday again! On one hand time is flying by so fast as the kids wind up the school year, but then again time also stands still when you are waiting for a baby. I went to the doctor this morning and lo and behold I am starting to dilate some!! Whoo-hoo! This gives me reassurance that I will not be pregnant FOREVER! You just get to that stage where you desperately want to hold your baby in your arms versus your womb:) Kyle is so excited and truly wants her here quickly so she can watch him swim in a meet at the end of the month:) My appointment went well this morning thankfully and it seems that despite my fatigue, my body is handling this pregnancy well in terms of blood pressure etc. With the boys, my blood pressure starting creeping up towards the end which so far has not happened this time:)

Today both boys have school programs, and do not worry I will post pictures later:) It will be hard to say goodbye to both teachers this year-Kyle is especially attached to his 1st grade teacher:)

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