Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

Well, I have made it to another Not Me Monday where Baby Girl is still in my womb versus my arms. I have to admit that I am publishing a tamer version of Not Me Monday because frankly due to my overactive hormones, this could get ugly:)

1) I did NOT buy David a huge pack of M&M's at the ballpark just so I could watch the game in peace. I would never put my own selfish desire to watch a game above my sweet child's nutrition. NEVER:)

2) I did NOT in a bout of exhaustion ignore midnight pleas for a trip to the potty from my four year-old.

3) I did NOT shamelessly beg my OB for an earlier induction date this morning due to my total frustration that I was not a bit dialated this morning and then did not laugh at his attempt to joke about me having a stubborn little girl on my hands. (Really, I totally love my OB and he is really funny!)

4) I did NOT consider for a split second to change my blog name so a nosy person could not find it!!!

5) I did not leave the OB office this morning and head to McDonald's for a large Sweet Tea! As you all know, my OB is a sweet health nut and discourages any caffeine use during pregnancy and of course I totally follow that at all times!

Well, that is all that I am willing to admit to this week-how about you? I did just return from a trip to see my OB and frankly I had a great checkup. My blood pressure was lower than it has ever been, my Group B strep test came back negative, my weight was down 3 pounds, BUT I was not the least big dilated at all. Nope, my cervix is choosing to stand its ground despite the fact that this is my third baby. Have a great Monday!:)

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  1. Great NMM's! I know you probably don't want to hear it, but my one (out of 4) not induced babies was the easiest labor! It might be a coincidence though! Oh and I took evening primrose oil with him the last few weeks and then, ahem, inserted two one night, the next morning I was in labor! ;)Probably more than you wanted to know!