Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hope News

Now that we are getting more information about little Hope's "episodes" I thought I would share some more information and ask for prayer that we are in the clear with this. On the day Hope was born she scared us twice. Basically when you lay her down on her back to change her diaper or clothes she gets really mad and basically turns blue. Today she has also had several episodes. We have a great doctor that has been ultra conservative and has done several tests to make sure Hope is okay. Her chest Xray, blood work, etc.. have all turned out fine, but she is continuing to have these episodes.

Dr. R has started her on some reflux medicine and basically feels that she is "juicy" from birth and is having trouble moving mucus and other junk out of her system. Laying her on her back aggravates her and then she turns blue. We have to rush her into the nursery for the nurses to help us "pink her up." Dr. R has stayed in constant contact with us and the nursery staff and we may get to take her home tomorrow. In the meantime, here are some pictures

How many men does it take to change one little girl's diaper? This picture totally was not posed and it cracks me up that all the boys helped Mike changed Hope's diaper. I hope all this help continues when we go home!!

My sweet boys loving on their little sister:)


  1. I had acid reflux disease several years ago and still get it often. I know Hope's pain - I don't blame her for throwing a fit. Kevin had to take reflux medicine for a long time after he was born and now he is off of it. Glad that is all that her episodes were. Keep the pictures coming. I wish I was there to help!!!

  2. We are so happy for all FIVE of you!!! She is just beautiful!!! She (and you!) are in our prayers~ hopefully by today all that "stuff" has moved out of there, and she won't have to turn blue ever again! You said that she gets mad when she's on her back ~ being the mother of a feisty girl, I will have to say that it may be very likely that she will keep that temper:)LOL! I look so forward to seeing your precious Hope! Love and hugs to you all!!