Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Checking In

Well, some days just do not go as planned. Today is one of those days. Mike and I are stumbling around today with very little sleep. No, Baby Girl did not keep us up last night, but David. David went to bed at his regular time, but was up at 11:00 throwing up. Bless his heart, I will spare the details, but Mike and I spent many hours last night holding his head over the trash can. He is somewhat better this morning, but still has a fever. One of the many wonderful things about David is that he is so brave and truly does not let much get him down. Except for asking for Daddy all morning (who had to go to work) he is very happy even with a fever:)

Last night was one of those frustrating nights where as a family we had to divide and conquer to make all of our games. Kyle had a pitching machine game at 5:30 and David had Tball at 6:00. Mike and David went to Tball and I stayed with Kyle. Kyle's pitching machine team played well and won, but I could tell his heart was not in it, since Daddy was not there.

I called Mike to check in on their field and our Tball team won as well. David hit the ball three times and got out at first all three times. Once again, Mike said he could have cared less-he was just thrilled he got to hit and run! But Mike then told me that when David came up to bat the first time, our team started chanting "Dav-id, Dav-id" which was so sweet, but then by the second time he came up to bat, BOTH benches were chanting his name. You can imagine in my overactive hormonal shape how many tears I shed over that one. We were so worried that this league would be too much pressure for him, but so far, David's teammates are thrilled he is on the team and of course, David is having the time of his life:)

I will continue to post pictures of his games as I get them. The next few games are at a field that is more picture taking friendly due to the fence, so I will keep David's fans updated via pictures:)

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