Friday, June 5, 2009

I thought I would share some pictures of Baby Girl's nursery now that it is finally starting to come together. When we had Kyle the nursery was TOTALLY put together months before his arrival. Now with the third baby, we are racing around last minute to put it all together. (Baby Girl, we love you dearly, but it is hard to put together a nursery from the ball field:)

I must tell the story of how we came upon this bedding. I am not a pepto pink kind of gal, but I wanted her room to be sweet and feminine. My friend, Samantha offered to let us use her barely used bedding from her first baby. When I saw it, Mike and I both LOVED it and decided we would love to use it. Her room is painted off white with wood trim, so this bedding goes perfectly with our house.

Mother's Day weekend, when we were refugees from the storm at my parents' house, I made a trip to a fabric store and found gorgeous fabric to make valances, pillows, and even recover our blue rocking chair to match the nursery. Do you know how amazing it is to find fabric that perfectly matches nursery bedding that is 5 years old?! Can we just say meant to be?

Then I brought all this beautiful fabric back home and asked my friend DeeDee's Mom to work her sewing magic. She runs a local and FABULOUS alterations place here. She is my new hero and frankly she is rock star status around here for what she was able to accomplish for Baby Girl's nursery.

It hit me this morning that it still blows my mind that this room is full of newborn diapers and pink everywhere when just this time last year we were planning to redo the whole room to make a big boy room for David. Last summer I scoured every store and even online to find a bedding theme/set for little David. I never could quite find what I was looking for and now to see it all pink and baby looking it just blows my mind and reminds me of my favorite favorite bible verse.

For I know the plans that I have for you, plans to prosper you to give you a hope and future.
Jeremiah 29:11.

Here is the top of her bookcase/changing table that has some cute pink baskets on it with a bear from Kyle's old nursery. That flower arrangement was given to me just this week by my Mom. She found a flower container from a flower arrangement that she was given when I was born (umm lets just say 30 odds years ago) and had a local florist do an arrangement to match the colors in Baby Girl's nursery. I am totally impressed she still had that flower container, but obviously it is being recycled for Baby Girl which totally thrills my tree hugger husband.

Here is the rocking chair that DeeDee's Mom redid. This picture truly does not do it justice, BUT she took all four pieces of the rocking chair and recovered them in this pretty sage green and made that pillow from the floral fabric that I bought. That blanket over the back of the chair came with the bedding set, but of course babies cannot have thick blankets on them so I am using it for the rocking chair.

This picture is a little silly, but I wanted to show you a picture of her closet. Yes, it goes all the way back and mostly these clothes are all newborn clothes. This is what happens when you have a friend that gives you tons of barely worn beautiful baby clothes and then you have two very generous baby showers.

This picture makes me totally laugh because this is her shoe collection already. My mother has a very hard to fit foot, so she has gone a little crazy buying cute shoes for Baby Girl because she herself cannot find any to fit. I have to admit I have bought some of these as well, as well as some passed on from Samantha.

Here is the actual crib. I did not take pictures of the walls, because frankly there is nothing on them at all. It has been hard enough to get the nursery together and I am banking on the fact that newborn vision is blurry for a while to buy me some more time to find what I want for the walls!! I hope you have enjoyed this nursery tour, but truly the pictures do not do justice to what Donna was able to do in that nursery with her magic sewing hands. I am envious of her talent! Now all we need to make this room complete is a baby!! I am really not clear why my cervix is choosing to stand its ground on this baby, but I did have lots of pressure and contractions last night, so HOPEFULLY I will not be this pregnant much longer. Those that live with me feel that I am a tad grumpy these days:)


  1. Just Precious!!! Christopher and I were reading your blog together and he got a kick out of all the shoes and clothes. Men - they just don't get it - we "need" all these things. I know you are worn out and tired but the room looks great! Just think how special it is going to be when you bring Baby Girl home and get to rock her in HER precious "girly" room. Now rest and wait on her arrival :)

  2. I can't wait to see this little princess. I miss you guys so much! I am hoping we can drop by again this year on our way from camp. I will let you know this time. No surprises.....I promise. Love to you all.