Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Settling In

I finally am starting to feel human again and I feel that we are settling in to a new routine with Hope. She is the sweetest thing and we are all enjoying her. Kyle likes picking out her outfits and David and I have a nightly singing session with her. We sing everything from Jesus Loves Me to David's favorite of We Will Rock You! We have had a busy week and so far Hope has been to swim team practice, two baseball games, and speech for David.

I am not clear why this picture is upside down, but I love a picture of a sweet baby sleeping.

My brother and his family brought this little outfit to the hospital and it actually kind of fits her! This is one of the first pictures we have with her eyes this alert and open:) Kyle describes her eyes as navy to people!

Several people have made the comment that we have not missed a beat with this baby and that we seem to have it together. This picture will tell the real truth. We are adjusting well to little Hope, but I believe today I forgot to feed David lunch and these Doritos that we was chowing down on might have been his lunch. I went at lunch to have my haircut, and Mike came home to watch the kids. In the shuffle, I think I forgot to tell Mike to feed him, so while we were outside later playing and he desperately begged for food, I handed him the bag of Doritos:)

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  1. Uncle Chad and Aunt Net Net know fashion.....