Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Coming Home

Well, we are all home under one roof and frankly it has been a wonderful afternoon. David and I snuggled and took a big nap and my Mom and Kyle watched Hope sleep:) Thankfully she has had no episodes but they watched her like a hawk while I got some much needed sleep.

We have had a relaxing evening with good home cooked food. David has been in show off mode and has really cracked me up. Kyle is definitely a baby hog but has been wonderful about being my helper since I am moving a little slower today. I am still recovering from the delivery and my milk is coming in which means that I feel a tad yucky. Hopefully tomorrow I will start mending! I had such easy deliveries the first two times that this one took me by surprise!

The boys swarmed her when Mike carried her in the house. They were so excited for us to get home and thankfully the discharge process was quick and easy:)

While in the hospital to ward off jaundice and to help Hope move all that gunk out of her, we supplemented with a few ounces of infant formula. We all fought over giving her this one little two ounce bottle, but you see who got to do it!)

Hope really did not mind her car seat. It took us forever to adjust the straps to fit her little shoulders. We both felt nervous buckling her in this new car seat.

Daddy getting Hope dressed for the trip home. It worked out well that we could pick Kyle up from swim practice on the way home so he could be apart of the big ride-you know all two or three miles of the drive! HA!

Having a little snooze in the hospital while we awaited discharge papers.


  1. I am officially stalking your blog :) I want to reach through this computer and kiss those precious checks!!!

  2. Daniel has not been able to enjoy the pictures yet. He is at church camp as a counselor for 19 3rd grade boys. He will be calling this weekend when he gets home.

  3. Hey Aunt Laura,
    Tell Kyle he is doing a great job. It is hard being a big brother for two. I can't wait to get to hold my new cousin. I just got home from my last baseball game. It went in to extra innings. We won. Does Kyle and David have any more baseball games?

  4. I just have to tell you one more time how BEAUTIFUL your baby girl is...(like you don't already know!!) Your precious family is now are all going to enjoy this little bundle so, so much (and vice versa!) I hope you are feeling a little better today!

  5. Laura and all....
    She is beautiful and what a wonderful name. I am sitting here with tears in my ears. I am so happy for you all. I love the bows! Sounds like you had a Tracey Stakem labor! I think I still have you beat with 40+ hours. :o)
    Love and blessings to you all! God is so good!