Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cute Girls

This week has been full of fun. Yesterday Hope and I got to go to meet my friend Tracy from Tennessee at Cracker Barrel for lunch. Tracy has a daughter named Chloe who has the most adorable accent you have ever heard and the sweetest curls! We met for a mommy/daughter lunch to catch up. Chloe was a super patient little girl while her mommy and I chatted and chatted about our big boys and life. Tracy has a little boy named Cade who is the same age as Kyle. We marveled at how we used to run around together with our boys, but now yesterday we were together with our little girls. God works in mysterious ways...

This week we have also been working so hard with Hope to help her learn to roll over. I love that the boys are teaching her!! They literally get in the floor with her and roll!!

Hope and Chloe after our lunch outside Cracker Barrel:)

Tracy and Chloe talking with Hope:) Check our Chloe's pocketbook on the table. It contained money to buy something in the store, but it also contained a PRECIOUS halloween bracelet for Hope!!! It is adorable....:)

Hands on training for Hope on rolling over with her big brothers. It is hilarious to watch them roll for her!!

Sweet Kyle being a good big brother. He does not love to snuggle and hold Hope, but he does love to teach her things. Perhaps he will be an educator one of these days...:)

One of my Mom's friends made this quilt for Hope which has ballerinas all over it. So, we got the idea to dress Hope up like a ballerina with her new tutu from Gymboree to take her picture on the quilt for the thank you note to the sweet lady who made it:)

just an FYI...David has an imaginary friend named "Fee Fee" Not clear where this came from, but Fee Fee has been very helpful to get David to do stuff this morning. For example, eat your oranges or I will have to give them to "fee fee!" Mike and I have just rolled over this latest development in DAvid world, but really sometimes I feel like my life could be a reality show!!

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