Saturday, September 19, 2009

This morning when I checked my email I noticed that my friend from Tennessee, Tracy had sent me an email about a boy with Down Syndrome playing football. I then read the article and clicked on the link to watch the video and I sobbed. This freshman who has DS, got into the game with 10 seconds to go and both teams cooperated for him to run the ball for a touchdown. It literally made me weep-to see that these competitive guys on the team would be this kind and inclusive to their teammate who happened to have an extra chromosome. Unbelieveable.

This comes at such a sweet time in our life when David is doing so well at school. We are so proud of his reading and his teachers feel that he is doing super great. His teacher was kind enough to give Mike and I the material that they would be doing in school a month ahead of when they would be doing it, so we can prime the pump at home and get David exposed to the material earlier to increase his success at school.

This new system is for now helping him master material with the same pace as his peers at school. But make no mistake about it, to keep the pace with his peers, David is having to work triple fold to keep their pace. We are constantly working with him here at home as well as help from Ashley. But this proves to us that David is going to be able to do most anything he sets his heart on, but that the path to get there might be a little longer and steeper than his peers. With David's strong-willed personality I see him succeeding at anything he wants over his lifetime.

This video is such a sweet reminder about the power of inclusion and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did:)

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  1. Wow! That was so awesome! My 11 year old plays football and has for several years! I have cheered and cried at many games, but this one tops them all! How awesome that these young men are mature enough to allow their teammate the opportunity to share in their victory!

    Hi, by the way! I just popped over from Mckmama's blog! You have a precious family!