Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Three Months!

I cannot believe that my baby is three months old! Time is flying so fast these days. Hope is such a sweetie, but we are still struggling with her belly issues. If I eat a truly dairy-free diet she is fine, but if I eat anything that has any dairy in it we are in for a rough night. I pray that she will not have further allergy issues down the road, but with our family history we are realistic about this.

Hope is really starting to get into a routine and enjoys playing in her pack and play. She loves to be talked to and often gets fussy if you ignore her!! I am finally ready to admit that she is our most spoiled baby yet and is often found in our arms. She is a Mommy's girl these days much to her father's dismay:) We are enjoying her so and I cannot believe she has been in our life for three months!!

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