Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The L Word

Pops doing an egg and spoon race just because the boys wanted him to:)

Meeting his first granddaughter for the first time:)

Patiently helping Davey feed Hope a bottle when she was only a week old.

This is my Dad. He is hilarious when he does not even try to be and is truly the BEST grandfather on the planet. He loves his grandsons and his granddaughter and is protective of us all. He loves VT Hokies and is a Godly man.

Why am I telling you all of this?? He is in need of your prayers. He was diagnosed about a month or so ago with Chronic Leukemia (CLL). Praise Jesus it is not the aggressive, grow really fast kind of cancer but it is still cancer. He is in stage zero (prasie Jesus) but the doctors have no idea how fast or slow it will progress.

I know we are blessed that he is in such an early stage and that it is the slow-moving type of cancer, but we ask for your prayers for him. They have been to an oncologist in RAdford, but they also went to Norfolk to a specialist (thank you Uncle Gary) that specializes in this type of cancer. Both doctors are optimistic and great, but who wants to even have to visit an oncologist.

My Dad is a rock star around this house. I love him dearly and he is David's favorite person on the planet. Just recently David walked into my house and saw me and my Mom but the first words out of his mouth were "where's Pops?" In the next few weeks we will have some additional testing that will perhaps shed some more light on this CLL, but in the meantime we covet your prayers for Pops:) He is truly the klutziest, most precious, hilarious person in the world-and he does not even try to be:)

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