Saturday, September 12, 2009

VT weekend

You know how you should never say never?! Well, this weekend I did something I said I would never do. I took a infant to a VT football game! The weather was perfect and cool and Tech was suppose to win big so it was a good game to try. Little Hope was a trooper and slept in the sling most of the first half and then looked around the second half. David also LOVED the game and was such a good boy. Tech did win big and it was perfect football weather!

Mike and Kyle were not with us because they went to Navy to watch LA Tech and Navy play football in Anapolis. They had a good boy weekend-Kyle really LOVES special boy time with Mike.

Before the game this huge jet flew over as a fly by before the game and it was really loud!

David insisted to sit with Pops during the game and he watched every play and cheered so hard!

Little Hope at the game in her onesie and orange hairbow.

Me and my youngest two before the game. Just before going I had gone to the salon for a cut and color-this is the shortest my hair has been in a while:)

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