Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Favorites

I have caught myself lately saying that certain things are my favorites right now and I just felt like I had to share!! Here is a list of my "favorites" for right now:

My sling. I truly would get nothing accomplished if I did not have that sling. In the evenings Hope takes a snooze around 7 and usually that nap is taken in the sling as I pack lunches, clean up dinner, and get children ready for bed. It is especially wonderful if Mike is not here and I do not have a baby holder!!

The new Selah CD. Awesome. If you look at my blog list, you will see a blog called Bring The Rain and it is written by Angie Smith. Her husband Todd is one of the Selah band members and last year their baby died several hours after birth. There is a song dedicated to their daughter that makes me weep but there are also other awesome songs on there. Love it:) If you ever have a moment, click to her blog and read Audrey's story.

Diet Dr. Pepper at Sonic. From 2-4 p.m. they have happy hour and all their drinks are 1/2 off. Their fountain Diet Dr. Pepper is AWESOME And tastes way better than it does anywhere else. Plus, their little pebble ice is to die for...great afternoon treat!!

XM radio on my TV. As most of you know I do not watch much TV except for the Duggars, (I know but I cannot help myself) and a few moments of Matt Lauer, ummm I mean the Today Show, but during the day I have found that there are XM radio stations on Direct TV and there is a great contemporary christian station (826) and I listen to it all day as I putter around the house. Very uplifting as you are folding clothes and doing the drudgery of housework!

Facebook. Okay, I know I said I would NEVER sign up but I caved and it is so much fun. It is so neat that you can keep up with people without spending time on the phone which is hard with children around. For example, my cousin posted last week about studying for a chemistry test in college. I saw her at the VT game and I asked her how her test went. That never would have happened without FB. Love it:)

Teaching David to read. We are so pumped that David is grasping reading concepts and has quite a few words that he has mastered. Because speech is such an issue with David, teaching him to read phonetically is going to be a challenge. But that little boy is so smart with memory skills that we are using that to teach him to read. We just have these words on the fridge that we drill him on constantly and by george he is getting it@!! Love it:)

Wendy's BBQ wings. Wow-I used to hate wings, but when your diet is as limited as mine is these days (no diary, peanut butter, shellfish, highly gassy veggies and such) it is hard to find things to eat. I tried these wings as Wendy's and I love them!

Our family schedule. For the first time in a long time, all Kyle is doing right now is swim team. Kyle swims three days a week year round, but we always have another sport going at the same time. Because Kyle (thankfully) did not choose to do football, we have no evening games or practices right now!!! Kyle swims right after school and is done by 5:15 which allows us time to eat dinner as a family, plenty of homework and playtime and maybe even a little TV time. I know that this is only temporary, but it is awesome not to have a ballgame to run to after dinner. Last fall there were times that after swim practice Kyle would put on a football uniform and head to a game or practice. I love this pace right now but I know that upward basketball is right around the corner!!

I am off to meet a friend for lunch and meet her new baby boy. I know Hope will look huge next to him:)

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