Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Me Monday!

It is always so therapeutic to admit to my not so pretty moments to share with my blog friends. This past week has been very peaceful at our home, but there are always those moments that you simply need to say "not me!"

I did NOT get kicked out of the first aid room at the VT game while nursing my daughter because a really drunk student was being brought in to detox! I then was forced to find a quiet corner for some nursing time without my beloved blanket! Thankfully Hope's head is finally getting a little bigger which helps cover!

I did NOT gasp so hard walking with a friend this morning. I would never allow my body to get this out of shape:) Just a note in our defense, this was a huge hill and we both had babies strapped to us which adds some weight:)

I am NOT addicted to ebay these days. Nope, I would never waste valuable time like that:)

I did NOT smuggle an infant into a VT football game in her sling. Just because I think it is ridiculous to pay almost $50 for a ticket for a two month old I would NEVER do that:) Just note, I did have a ticket for her, but the teenager taking tickets was too embarrassed or clueless to ask me what was strapped to me!!

That is all I am willing to admit to today-what about you????

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  1. I just popped over to read Not Me Monday and I just HAVE to say how cute Hope is!!!! :)