Monday, September 21, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Such fun to share your imperfections with the blog world for some cheap therapy!

I did NOT shamelessly promote my daughter's cuteness at the VT game to get her on the jumbotron!! By the way, friends and family said that she looked so darn cute up there on the big screen! I did NOT feel like hurting my brother when he later told me on the phone that my hair looked "wild" on the screen!Whatever.

I did NOT purposely steer my children to a game at a school event just so I could avoid speaking to a mom that drives me a little nutty:)

I did NOT tear up at bible study last night when I realized that Hope was the youngest member of our bible study and that I want her to love women's bible studies as much as me. I then had a weird thought that I was super emotional and the pregnancy word popped into my brain. Couldn't be... really. That would be absurd.

I have NOT spent a good hour of my life today and yesterday replaying the final minutes of the VT/Nebraska game on YouTube. I am NOT that obsessed with football that I would waste precious minutes of my life to relive something that I have already seen:)

That is all I am willing to admit to on this rainy morning-how about you?

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