Monday, March 1, 2010

Not Me Monday!

I have been out of the Not Me Monday loop lately, and after this wild weekend of bball, I felt that I needed to join in! I really have been full of myself lately...hormones maybe?

I did NOT completely move in a gym this weekend to avoid a possible situation where it would have been hard for me to keep my mouth shut.

I did NOT roll my eyes at my grandmother twice in a five minute time period. I have been taught to respect my elders and would have never been caught doing something so juvenile!

I did NOT threaten my children with daycare for future snow days in the midst of a fight over a Wii controler.

I did NOT agree to go on a long drive with my hubbie yesterday just so I could have a few minutes of peace and quiet in the car. I knew two of my three babes would fall asleep leaving just one lone child who would have NO ONE to fight with!! (Have I mentioned that we have missed a total of 20 snow days this school year since Christmas???)

I have not spent untold hours planning our summer vacation as therapy:) Just glancing and browsing at warmer, sunnier locales has helped brighten the mood.

That is all I am willing to admit to on this cold, dreary Monday-how about you??


  1. haha your post is funny - I have never threatened daycare to bored arguing kids either. 20 snow days - wow we barely got one and it wasn't really due to snow - it was due to the low temps and school heating costs.

    Your kiddos are cuties.

  2. that is alot of snow days! i think you need the little getaway...even if it is a drive.

  3. I'd go nuts w/ 20 snow days. Hoping you get to head to your summer vacation and they boys are not still making up snow days.

  4. My kiddos fight in the car so much too! I don't get's like they know it will give that much more of a headache because they are so close to you!?! 20 snow days is a lot...I hope the snow days are over for you soon!

  5. My Brothers have gone crazy where they have missed 20 snowdays!

  6. Wow! 20 snow days! I thought we had a lot of snow! Thanks for letting me visit, your kiddos are so cute!

  7. That is A LOT of snow days!! I'll stick with our 5!

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