Sunday, March 28, 2010

Busy Weekend

We have had a fun weekend despite the cool temperatures. The boys have been begging to dye Easter eggs, so today after church we did three dozen!! The boys love doing this every year! Here is Kyle with his favorite egg:)

Serious concentration!! This year the boys really got into using that wax crayon to write things on their eggs before dunking them!

Teamwork!! David broke several eggs plunking them in the dye. Big brother Kyle is helping him:)

Despite the chilly temps it is Palm Sunday today. Because it is so cool and rainy, Hope looks more like Christmas today than Palm Sunday:) This outfit makes me giggle everytime I put it on her. My Mom bought this outfit when I was pregnant with David because her grandma intuition made her think that we were having a girl back then. Of course David did not need a girly outfit so my Mom tucked this away in her drawer. Several times she pulled it out to give as a baby shower present but just could not do it! I have no idea why she kept it because we were "done" after David with babies. Well, lo and behold along came Hope Madeline and it worked out perfectly that she could wear this 6-9 month outfit after all! This outfit is such a reminder to me that God's plan is perfect:)

The big news of the weekend was that David had his first Tball practice!! He is on the Marlins and Mr. Trey and Daddy are his coaches. The first practice went great and he was so good!!

Big hitter!!

Coach Daddy getting him ready to hit! Coaching is one of the best stress relievers for Mike. He loves coaching his boys and as of today he is either the head coach or assistant coach for FOUR teams-soccer, AAU basketball, Tball, and pitching machine. Sometimes it would be nice to sit with him during a game, but I can tell that he is in heaven out there on the field.

Catching the ball!

Our cute and tiny team! this team is for boys and girls ages 5-6. They are so little and enthusiastic!!:)
The other exciting happening this weekend was Kyle's first book club! I am so sad that I forgot to take any pictures, but it was so fun being in the moment with the kids, that I never grabbed the camera. Before the book club the kids were suppose to read the Magic Tree House Book-Tigers at Twilight. At first we played a game show game answering questions about the book. The teams were boys against girls!! Then we made jungle juice smoothies and had some other tiger inspired snacks. It was really a fun first club meeting and they have already chosen the next book. I LOVED just being around these cool kids and next month we will hopefully expand the club and have the kids invite friends. We are going to also move it to the meeting room at our library so more kids can come! The teacher in me loves this kind of thing and it accomplished the main goal of having these kids READ and have fun:)

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