Thursday, March 25, 2010

Little Mess and other Randomness

This is what happens when a big boy leaves his chocolate Pop Tart on the couch where a cute girl can reach it!! I would have been horrified if my first child would have had chocolate this young, but by the third baby you grab the camera instead!!:) I also love her bed head!!! Such is such a precious little mess!! We love her to pieces:)

Life is going by so fast these days that I can hardly keep it all straight. Our evenings are spent at the ball field or at the pool for swimming lessons. I love this crazy pace, because my big boys are happily engaged in things they love.

Speaking of love, David and Hope loved their Music Together class the other day. The teacher did not sing with canned music, but all her songs were live with a GUITAR!! Dave was in heaven:) We loved her so much that we are rallying some friends here so she will come to our neighborhood instead of driving 30 minutes to class.

I also want to put a plug in for Dave Ramsey. Mike and I have totally bought hook, line, and sinker his Christian views on finances that we are trying to live out. We have been doing his plan since Kyle was a baby and it has strengthened our marriage (except for that unfortunate fight over a $12 shower curtain in the presence of my mother-in-law last summer-but thankfully that is something we both laugh about now!) Anyway, we still have a ways to go in terms of retirement savings and such, but we totally buy into his philosophy of "live like no one else now so later you can truly live like no one else." His plan is what intrigues us about the idea of downsizing our home and living even further below our means.

Also, I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the book The Help by Kathryn Sockett. Go check out this amazing book-I was truly sad when it was over:)

I know I am full of randomness today, but I cannot wait until I can share the kids Easter pictures! TOO CUTE-even if David was scared to death of the baby chicks and Hope almost squeezed one to death. I love getting updated pictures of the kids and this time I ordered enough for all the extended family.

We are gearing up for Kyle's first book club this weekend. Kyle and I are starting a book club for several of his second grade friends. We are hosting it at our house and the book they chose was Magic Tree House-Tigers at Twilight. The idea came out of frustration at Kyle's disinterest in reading. I decided to pair friends, fun and reading into a book club to get my son excited to read!! I will post pictures after the first book club this Saturday. There will be 8 second graders in my house, so it should be FUN!

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