Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just Because

Just Because I am obsessed with taking pictures of my children and I LOVE my new Flip Cam, here are some pictures:)

Sweet smile. We have not seen that smile too much this week due to some congestion and some belly issues. We go to the pediatrician again next week and I will have lots of questions about food. It appears that Hope has a lot of the same belly/gas issues that Kyle did and could that mean that she too will have sensitivities to foods and/or allergies??

Hope showing off her cute clapping! All you have to do is say "yeah" and she starts grinning and clapping.

I love her crocs from her aunt Sylvia in Arkansas. We got these last year when she was born and they are newborn size, but they just now fit!

Hope and I worked on our pedicures today for our trip over Easter weekend. We are taking a quick trip to Ohio to visit some Amish communities and visit the NFL Hall of Fame! My boys are so excited!! We will be back in time to celebrate Easter here with family.

Here is a picture of Davey's itchy spots. They are much better today thanks to Prednisone, and he went back to school today. He had hot, itchy welps all over his body-even in his hair and around his eyes. Pitiful little guy.

I know I am obsessed with my Flip Cam, so here is a cute and very tiny video of Hope giggling with her brothers. I know I will always cherish the sweet way that Kyle talks to Hope and I just love capturing the interactions between my babes. Just a reminder on videos-go to the playlist music and hit pause so you can hear the video instead of the music.

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