Friday, March 19, 2010

Let's Twist!

Tonight our local elementary school hosted a 1950's Sock Hop! It was soooo cute! We had this great plan to dress David up and slick back his hair, but I thought he would freak out. Come to find out he like being dressed up as a dude! Here he is above with one of his good friends from his class-are they not ADORABLE together??!! It makes me want to break out my Grease movie:)

Here he is on the way out of the door:)

Dancing with Hope!!

David made a new friend at the dance and here he is doing the Cha Cha slide with her! He rocked that song tonight:) (I guess all that practicing we did during the snow storms paid off!

Here is David and his friend Hailey again cuttin'a rug:) They were so cute together that I could hardly stand it:)

In the conga line with some other guys.

Dancing hard with another classmate, Tommy V. Look how high he is off of the ground:)

Slow dancing....

Dancing to the twist song.

David whispering something in Hailey's ear?? Who knows, but these two friends certainly had a fun time together. This event ended a very busy day for David-he also had a long day at school and bowling! He is sound asleep now!

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