Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I love spring and it was so exciting that soccer season started yesterday:) This is another one of those rare and few seasons where both Kyle and David will be on the same team!! Their team is called Thunder and Mike is helping coach with two other super guys. It is a fun team, even if Kyle looks like the Jolly green giant out there!

Oh, this picture tenders my heart so. Kyle is full of drama these days with a wee bit of an attitude, but when it comes to David he is so sweet. Here they are in line to practice kicking and this picture says it all. He is protective of David and is really his biggest fan and coach!

Here is coach Mike (with the clipboard) doing some drills. Uggh-the field was so muddy because of all the melting snow. David did a great job in practice and we were so proud of him. He is excited because several of his classmates and friends are on the team!

Before soccer practice even Hope got outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. She loves chasing her brothers in her walker out on the driveway!

Sweet girl! She has felt a little punky this week with a little bit of a runny nose.

This was all fun and games until David got the bright idea to start playing bumper cars:)

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