Monday, March 22, 2010


We were so excited that the first day of Spring was so beautiful here!! We played outside all day long and it was wonderful:) Here is sweet girl outside playing in the grass.

We made an impromptu ball pit out of her halfway inflated baby pool and a big bag of balls we have. She loved it and David even jumped in and played with her.

My entrepreneur Kyle even set up a golf ball stand selling his golf balls! Unfortunately he set it up later in the day when most of the golfers had already come by. This child may have a head for business one day!

For more fun, we got out the moon bounce and all three enjoyed playing in it. Just not all at once or poor Hope would have been bounced out! Here is David slam dunking the ball.

It really is spring because things are growing in our flower bed! After the brutal winter we thought spring would never get here!

Hope in the moon bounce! That girl like to be active!

Wild man Dave! Saturday night Kyle went out to dinner and a movie with a friend and just the four of us went out to dinner. David enjoyed being the center of our attention:) After our yummy dinner out Mike and I drove around and "house hunted" for a bit. We have talked lately about downsizing our house so we can live mortgage-free! Dave Ramsey would be so proud of us, but all the houses I liked were more that what we owe on this one! Oh well, we can all dream and keep an eye out I guess:)

I had a wee bit of a meltdown over the weekend when I realized that Kyle and Mike go off to do so many sports together and I feel like I do not have as much in common with Kyle. He watches Sports Center and he and Mike talk about that all the time. Mike coaches everything he does so they have that to talk about and lately Mom has felt a little out of touch with her sports nut 8 year old. I was even so desperate to go outside and play football with him and I actually PUNTED the ball.

Kyle and I are super close and I am THRILLED that he and Mike are even closer, but lately I have just felt a shift in our relationship. This is just a reminder that my big boy is getting bigger each day and that I need to consciously meet all three of my children on their level to remain "in" their world. I would much rather watch Matt Lauer in the morning than ESPN, but if that gets me talking with Kyle on the latest sports news then so be it.

Kyle and I are starting and hosting a book club for some of his friends from second grade this weekend. I am thrilled because it will give us our "thing" to do together and it will get him to read!! The first book club gathering is this coming weekend! We are planning some fun things around the Magic Tree House book Tigers at Twilight!! Mike will watch David and Hope and I will get to spend a little time with two of my favorite things-my son and books! Speaking of books, you must read The Help by Kathryn Sockett if you have not already!:)

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