Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thunder Soccer

Tonight was the first game of the soccer season!! Kyle and David are both on the same team-Thunder!! It was so cute to see these boys out there together:) I loved it and I was so proud of both of them. Mike unfortunately had to miss due to a work meeting, but he can catch the next game!

Go David go!! We were so proud of him-he hustled all night and stayed with the ball:)

Kyle in the action:)

David refused to give me a high five, but he would give Mrs. Samantha one!

Here is David with one his teammates, Ally before the game. So cute!! I just was so amazed at how David hung in there and was aware at all times of what to do. This is another one of those times where David totally rises to the occasion and amazes us!! I thought Kyle would need to help him, but nope! David held his own and listened to coaches and did AWESOME!!

This afternoon before the game we took the kids to get Easter pictures taken. The photographer had LIVE baby chicks and lets just say it was interesting:) She was patient and so sweet with the kids and I think we got some great pictures! Hope loved that chick and wanted to pet that thing! David was scared of it, but wanted someone else to hold it. Life with kids is never dull!

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