Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I feel like life is in overdrive right now with our crazy, but fun schedules. We have so any sports going on that it is hard to keep track of what uniform belongs on which day. I love this crazy, ball field/swimming pool kind of fun! I work hard during the day to keep the clothes washed, dinner prepped, and the house under control because mostly our evenings are spent out and about. David has swimming lessons right now with soccer and of course his speech therapy. Praise God for Ashley who helps keep us organized and punctual for Davey's events. Kyle is involved in AAU basketball, soccer, baseball, and swimming right now.

I swore I would never be one of THOSE Moms-you know what I am talking about. Those moms are the ones that push their children and make them do EVERYTHING!! Yes, my children do a lot right now, but it is all their choice and frankly they are loving every minute of it. For Davey, extra curricular stuff is so crucial for social opportunities. I feel that it is so important to let them try everything now while they are young because tough choices will have to come down the road. So for now, we are out and about cheering on our boys in whatever they choose to participate in.

Mike and I are hanging on for the ride. His job is still in super gear, but hopefully things will calm down shortly with this crazy budget season. We are totally into American Idol this season and that is our down/couple time as we argue over who rocked and who did not. I have gotten back into scrapbooking and I have enjoyed organizing pictures and getting back into my creative outlet with that. I totally want to learn how to sew....but that will have to wait until sweet girl is not so Momma-oriented. (Translation-spoiled rotten to me!)

That is our life right now-digging American Idol, chasing after our active boys, loving on our sweet girl, and just soaking up every minute of this year. Tomorrow night is David's first EVER soccer game-stay tuned for pictures after the big game:)

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