Tuesday, March 30, 2010



I totally dig this song. I also really need to let this song just sink into this brain full of daily stuff. It is Holy Week and I personally need a little resurrection. This week has been full of pesky daily grind stuff-I am personally annoyed because I want to be focusing on the amazing sacrifice that my Jesus offered up for my salvation and instead I am dealing with an itchy and painful rash on sweet Davey, waiting on plumbers to unclog the oopsie in the garbage disposal, and I am needing to get the car serviced before we can go on our little getaway to relax. (yes, I am aware that that last sentence was one of the longest sentences in the history of the world!)

Listen to this amazing song by this amazing artist and just take a moment to reflect this week in Jesus' life. On one Sunday the masses were yelling "Hosanna" and just a short week later, the same crowd was yelling "crucify". I still cannot stomach any movie depicting this week in His life. I know what He endured for us, but I just cannot face it. I feel so painfully inadequate that He would endure that rugged cross and that angry mob for ME.

Holy Week always brings such a range of emotions and thoughts for me. I admit it ranges from the painfully shallow as I put way too much energy into our Easter attire to magnificent wonder as I reflect on the fact that the tomb could not contain our Savior.

Enjoy this amazing song and bask in the glory of Jesus' sweet Resurrection during this Holy Week.

On just a side note, Nicol Sponberg lost her son to SIDS at 10 weeks of age. Her website is so uplifting and amazing.

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