Monday, March 8, 2010

Vote for Hope!

Hello Friends,

Happy Monday! Hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful sunshine over the weekend. Today brings housework for me, work for Mike and the big boys are back in school. On a fun note, click on this lick to vote for Hope in a photo contest. She is number 11 and if she wins, then she get some cute monogrammed clothes for free:)

We had a super fun weekend. Friday night Kyle went to a birthday party. The four of us went out for dinner and joked that it was cheaper without our big eater to go out! Saturday Mike and I got to slip away from kiddos for a few hours and to do some furniture shopping. We really need a new bedroom suit and mattress, so we finally took a few hours to do that. We also ran some errands and had lunch together. It was so fun!

Tonight on the local radio station, Mike will be doing a Q & A about school issues. Times are tough and the local radio station owner wanted to help Mike get the truth out to dispel some crazy rumors floating around. We will all be listening tonight! Mike is so gifted at answering tough questions and I am so proud of him for putting himself out there to answer. I just pray that it helps squash some negative rumors and help people understand our local school budget in this tough time.

The boys are super busy right now with sports, but David is thrilled about soccer and Tball coming up. Kyle is so helpful to work with him and get ready for the season. This spring Hope and I will be at lots of games cheering on both boys. We are so hoping that the snow and super cold weather is behind us so spring sports can get going.

Don't forget to vote for sweet Hope and enjoy this beautiful sunshine!

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