Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Robinson Leaf Pile

The last two days have been absolutely gorgeous, so I dressed the kids up in their brown and we headed outside for some fall leaf pictures. Ashley thankfully took over the camera-they are way more cooperative for her! Ha! She has a good eye for good pictures.

This one might be one of my favorites because it captures her sweet, but demanding personality! We had drama over her "fress" but she did cooperate with the turkey hair clip!

My boys love to play ball outside especially when there is a leaf pile nearby!

I love this picture that Ashley captured of my oldest. He is such an old soul but oh so dramatic and can be silly these days. He is at that age where he does not know whether to be my big boy helper or a little boy. It is hard growing up but I know that God has big plans for this awesome boy!

Somehow AShley captured David running towards her with a big load of leaves to throw at her! She is so great that she did not mind picking leaves off of herself to capture a cute picture! This one is awesome of my middle child:)

Love this boy and his sweet personality!

This picture definitely captures the love between these two BFF's. They love each other so much and really are each other's best friend. I pray that they will always be this close.

My sweet three in a group shot on top of the playground in our backyard.

Ashley captured this cute cute shot of Hope. She was not super thrilled with jumping into the leaves, but she did have fun throwing some around. Good work AShley!

This picture melts my heart.

She may love her princesses and love a good pedicure, but this girl is not afraid to get rough and tumble with her brothers over a football! I love it!

These leaf pictures have become a tradition in the fall and I am so thankful for Ashley helping me get some cute fall shots in the backyard. I love these kind of "outdoorsy" pictures where my kids are just being kids. I know they hate seeing the camera coming, but they are growing so fast that I try often to get pictures.

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  1. I've read your blogs from the surgery down to here and your sweet famy has captured my heart. I'm so sorry that this is all happening to you. You all are in my prayers.