Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sweet Haze

A sweet haze pretty much sums up this week. Kyle is heavily into Little League All Star practice this week to prepare for an upcoming tournament this weekend. Our team plays Friday night at 9:00 which is way past my bedtime, but we will be there cheering the team on! This All Star thing has been an eye opener for me-I had no idea how serious and intense this level of play can be. We have been at the Little League field many hours this week practicing for the tournament this weekend. Sweet Hope has gone along via the sling.

I bought a sling for Hope and frankly it is my favorite possession right now due to the freedom it gives me and she is happy as a clam in it. I am using the Infantino Sling Rider and I LOVE it! People have stopped me to make sure she can breathe in it. It really keeps people's hands off of her when you are out and about. I love for family and friends to love on her, but strangers at Walmart I could do without. It is a great sling! (I promise I am not being paid by Infantino for this plug!)

This week has been fun and it has passed in a total blur:) I consulted with Hope's doctor and we have started some zantac in addition to the other reflux medicine she has been taking since the hospital. Her reflux has gotten a lot worse this week and she has started really spitting up. Today is our second whole day on the Zantac and I can see such a difference already.

With the third baby you really do not have the time to sit and just hold your newborn like you did with the first one. The boys have such busy schedules between Tball, All Stars, David's therapy, and swim practice, we are on the go all the time. I literally fall into bed at night when Hope goes down between 8:30 and 9. Mike puts the big boys to bed. The blessing is that Hope is sleeping from about her bedtime to 3ish which is wonderful. I can function on 6 hours sleep and that has helped out with the transition from a family of 4 to 5! Below are some sweet pictures to share:

Hope really likes laying on the floor which gives her a chance to stretch out since she spends so much time in the sling. Mike is still learning all this girly stuff and he asked me why Hope was wearing a garter around her head!! I got so tickled at him!!

Kyle and Hope playing on the floor!

Mommy and Hope-it is amazing that I am on this side of the camera for once:) My Mom took this picture:)

Yeah! Her reflux is getting a tad better if she is happily kicking and stretching on her back! I LOVE this picture because here is this sweet feminine little girl on this trucks and train blanket-that sums up our life around here!

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