Sunday, May 31, 2009

Silly David

As you can tell from my previous post, life with both these boys is never dull. Friday night we went to a new local restaurant to check it out. (It was a new barbeque place that was wonderful!) Anyway, during the meal, I got really uncomfortable with some contractions. When we got home, Mike took the kids downstairs so I could rest on the bed and get them to go away.

A little while later, Mike brought both boys up to tell me goodnight. David wanted a little snuggle time, so I indulged. During snuggle time he said "me sick." I said "I am so sorry you are sick-what hurts?"

He then scrunched up his face, grabbed his belly and replied "me 'tractions!" Yes, my friends, David was complaining about having contractions. I guess we know what word David has heard over and over the last couple of weeks in our house! Gotta love it!

We have had a low key weekend which is wonderful. Kyle had a ballgame and we met my parents for lunch on Sunday. Those were the highlights-I am so cherishing these low key days because I know oh so soon, that this house will be a flutter with a newborn and I will crave these long, lazy days that we have been blessed with:)

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