Monday, December 6, 2010

Calendar Change

The calendar last weekend had some seriously fun Christmas plans. We were suppose to have the Down Syndrome karaoke Christmas party (which is the party of the year) and the church christmas play. Instead of traveling around doing these fun, festive activities, we stayed home and enjoyed this beautiful scenery
I paid absolutely no attention to the weather forecast last week, so when we were hammered with six-eight inches on Saturday I was shocked.
The kids of course were thrilled and they spent many hours outside frolicking in the snow. This was the first year that David played like a big boy outside forever versus spending thirty minutes dressing to go outside and complain about how cold he is!

It was a beautiful, heavy snow that blanketed our whole area. Talk about getting into the Christmas spirit! On the one hand, I was disappointed that our fun Christmas activities were cancelled, but then on the other hand it was wonderful to be home together with an empty calendar.

Even this sweet angel enjoyed playing outside in the snow with her brothers!

Kyle is always ready and excited for a football game in the snow:)


I love these wild and crazy boys that love playing outside in the snow. I don't always enjoy the wet clothes that come back in the house, but I know in 20 years I will miss the mess:)

Being inside gave the boys a chance to play some chess. Sunday night I headed to Radford with the kids so the boys could go to the Virginia Tech basketball game. School was cancelled for Monday, so we ended up staying over and getting some Christmas fun done.

We worked hard on a gingerbread house at my Mom's. I accidentally bought a kit where the house was NOT preassembled and it got ugly. Here is the house even after we got super glue after it. My 82 year old grandmother and I just about lost our religion over this thing today:)
The kids were cold and snuggled under blankets this morning. The weather here has been freakishly cold even for December. We are also out of school tomorrow due to the snow.
The gingerbread house had taken over my mom's kitchen, so the kids ate their lunch picnic-style:)
Kyle and my grandmother decorating that darn house. It ended up finally staying together and it looked cute when we were done.
My girl loves to color. It is so fun to find out the differences between raising a girl versus the boys and I do not remember my boys ever loving to color like Hope does.
I have really enjoyed the last few days with our unexpected snow fall. I enjoyed us all being home together this weekend and then our spontaneous trip to Radford was a bonus! I got some Christmas shopping done and all my ornaments made while we were there. I love when God blesses you with opportunities and fun when you least expect them-it makes you appreciate the fun times even more. If it continues to snow and we have many more snow days then I know I will be threatening my children with daycare, but for now I am thrilled to be home with them enjoying this winter wonderland.

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