Monday, December 27, 2010

Not Even a Thief

We just got back from our fun little get-away with our friends! We had a blast and our six children were beautifully behaved and had a ball. They too have two big boys and a little girl, so it works perfectly for playtime.

The kids swam, rode the slides, and just enjoyed burning off some energy in that water park. We left our town during a snow storm to get there and the Smoky Mountains in Pigeon Forge were gorgeous with all the snow. It was magical to be swimming in a warm waterpark while snow flakes fell outside. We even snuck outside in the hot tub and caught snow flakes on our tongues while staying toasty warm in the hot tub. Seriously fun times were had by all.

Then, the unimagineable thing happened. I so wish that I had the pictures that I took from our fun overnighter, but unfortunately some pitiful soul saw how much I was enjoying my Nikon nice camera and decided to swipe it. I know as christians we are not suppose to love our stuff, but I LOVED that camera. Mike bought it for me about five years ago and I used that thing all the time. I am devastated. I still have a huge lump in my throat thinking about it and have cried buckets over it. The security cameras showed that this woman dug through my bag where I had hidden it and then walked out with it. I could still bawl thinking about it.

So, Tonya took some great pictures with her camera, so I will eventually get to share some pictures of our time away in the magical, snowy mountains of Pigeon Forge but for now just trust me that even a pitiful, awful thief could not damper our time together. Family friendships are precious and make fun family time even better.

Tomorrow Mike returns to work and the kids are still off for the rest of the week. We need to catch up around the house but we still have fun plans for the rest of the week and upcoming New Years Eve. I just need to borrow my Mom's camera so I can keep on taking pictures and blogging:) I will not let even a desperate and pitiful thief ruin my time with my family.

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