Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Heart

My heart is so full. This morning Kyle and I went back to church to finish sorting and stuffing boxes for the food distribution at church. About an hour before it started, folks started coming and lining up to get the food. At first my heart was broken-I admit that I fought back tears as I saw families I knew that had shown up for the food. But then I saw my big nine year old with his sweet friend Grace, helping some of the families carry their goods to the cars and stuff food in the boxes. It was very very emotional for me to be a part of that ministry at church today.

I would ask each family that I was helping how many lived in their homes. If it was a large number I would add several additional items to their pile and it was mind-blowing how thankful folks were for a second loaf of bread or rolls.

Then Kyle and I left church and went to the Down Syndrome karaoke party! It was so much fun and once again I fought back tears of joy as we were surrounded by some of our favorite people on Earth! We had two new families join us today and that is always very special to welcome new folks into the club.
First song of the day was Big Green Tractor with Ashley and David!!!
Here is one of our youngest angels-Miss Emily with icing all over her swet face!

David worked that microphone-perhaps he has watched one too many Youtube videos!

A group sing with our special friend, Ben!! We were so excited that he and his momma were able to join us for a bit today. We love them.

Seth Kilby and Miss Marley! Marley is so precious and she is in Prek this year.

The whole gang singing Santa Claus is coming to town! Susan and Seth helped out as well as Heather Stamper. It is actually pretty hard to keep up with the words on the screen!

David is high on drama!

Mike and Kyle helping out singing Black Eyed Peas:) Caroline rocked that microphone today! She knew the words to almost every song.

The party wore Miss Emily out.

David was so busy singing that he did not want to eat until the very end when the ladies were cleaning up. I am not sure how many cupcakes he ate before I clued in:)
After we left the christmas party we stopped by a birthday party for our friend, sweet Reid at the skating rink.
It has been a full day, but days like today are such a reminder to me that life is truly not about things and stuff, but about people and love. I am so thankful for our Down Syndrome group and I am so thankful for the love that is showered upon my child and his friends. This momma has a very full heart tonight:)

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