Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our Angel

Last Night we dug out from the snow to attend the children's play at church. David was an angel and actually had a part! He had to escort Mary at one point and he nailed it! The trouble and silliness came during the down time waiting on his part:)

I could not stop smiling and giggling at our "angel without a halo" He refused to wear the halo which was fine with the director of the program:) I am so thankful for the wonderful people that work with the children at church.
The funny part of the story (or maybe not so funny) is that all the angels were suppose to sit on a bench right in front of the communion table. Well, dear ole Dave did not want to sit with the other angels and share his bench, so he had a chair with his name on it.

His sweet friend, Lakken was in charge of the star and at one point when the star was NOT suppose to be raised, David tried to "help" her and raise it. Thankfully Ashley was on the front row and redirected him. :)

Instead of singing Joy to the World with the other angels, he decided to turn around and make sure all the angels were singing:)
He had a blast doing the play but I was very nervous sitting there watching it. He waved to us and did his silly reindeer ears, but other than that he did his part well and he had fun with his church friends. He is just so silly. During the finale, all the children were suppose to stand up and sing the final song. Well, the bigger kids were in front of David and he could not be seen. He moved from his spot so that we could see him.
I am so thankful for opportunities like this for David to shine. Kyle chose not to participate this year and that is fine with us. David definitely loves being in the spotlight and he loves music-maybe we should take him to Nashville! Ha:)
The kids are at my parents today so I can get Christmas together. I have had kids home for vitually two weeks with all this crazy snow, so I have had a hard time shopping and getting Christmas together. Last night Mike and I attempted to put together one of Hope's toys-we still have work on it tonight.
I have really tried to simplify Christmas this year and let it be FUN! I feel that so far we have had way more fun memories than stressful ones. I did very little decorating this year since we are leaving the day after Christmas for a little getaway with some friends. Last night's program at church was such a wonderful way to stop and just enjoy a reminder about the TRUE meaning of Christmas-that sweet babe lying in a manger:)

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