Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Snow Day #3

I realized that yesterday's blog post was simply entitled "snow day" and because of the snow that we got last year and could possibly get this year I should start labeling our snow days by number to keep it straight.

So today was snow day #3. Unbelieveable considering we are not even in double digits in December yet. Anyway, today really was a fun day-we had a little drama but I have learned the key to keeping the day running smooth is to provide a little structure during the day like "school work", movie time, coloring time, etc.. to help the kids from fighting.

I had bought these cute little Disney posters from the dollar spot at Target for days like these and my heart melted when I stumbled upon this scene today:) Hope and Dave coloring Mickey Mouse!
David then begged to make cookies, so here we are making cookies. Hope loves to literally be in the mix when we cook, so she took her spot by the mixer!
After the cookies were baking my cookie dough monsters licked the beaters! I thought these two looked hilarious and sneaky sitting on my steps eating this! Dave is a pretty darn good little baker!

In the afternoon we headed to Wytheville to the pool at the rec center. Kyle took his sweet friend, Devin with us and all four of the kids had a blast!

The slide is the biggest hit and here David is sitting on the side cheering Kyle and Devin on.

Hope loves the water and had the time of her life! She is fearless and will just go under by herself. She is so brave but she scares me to death.

Ashley met us there and played with the kids in the water. Our friends the Jonas' met us there too but I did not get any good pictures of their kids. It was a super fun laidback time at the pool.

David then decided to get brave and wanted to slide by himself!!! Kyle and Devin were chanting "David David" and it was soooo cute!

There he goes!!!!!!!!! I love how brave he is getting:)

Today is the last day my oldest will be 8!! Tomorrow is the big ninth birthday and I can hardly believe it. Where has the time gone? I will do a post on sweet Kyle tomorrow.
Tomorrow the kids are finally heading back to school (two hours late). The snow is still lingering but at least the roads are finally clear enough for our school buses.

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