Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Snow Day

If you look super closely, you can see my boys out on the golf course sledding with some neighborhood friends. They had a blast outside and David did not want to come in. I literally had to drag him inside. They have thoroughly enjoyed our second snow day of the year today. I am a little sad that we are racking up the days off already, but the kids are certainly having fun!
Tonight one of our favorite restaurants, The Pit (great BBQ place) had kids night where kids ate free, got free pictures with Santa and even got a sweet cupcake! Mike had to work late, so we bundled the kids up and went there tonight! Local folks, if you have not been there yet, go! They are so friendly there and the food is awesome with really reasonable prices. Here is sweet Dave with Santa!

Hope was not so taken with Santa and wailed loudly when we first got there!
She could not even enjoy her meal for wondering where Santa was!! It was hilarious:)
Kyle got the case of the sillies with his cupcake and here he is being silly with Ashley!

David loved his little cupcake and begged for another! We were hoping we could photoshop the chocolate off of his face for his picture with Santa:)

The cupcake made Hope forget all about the man in the red suit behind her:) Cheese!!

My girl digs some chocolate!

We started our group picture with the two smiling boys.....

Then we attempted all three by throwing Hope on Kyle's lap in the hopes of catching a good picture before she she realized where she truly was. As you can see our attempt was not successful but she does look darn cute!

Even our sweet, wonderful helper Ashley got a picture taken with dear old St. Nick! We had such a blast there tonight and we will definitely go back next year when they have Santa night. We love going there-it is truly a deal you cannot beat. My kids tonight got a free dinner, free picture taken with a sweet Santa with no waiting in line, and they got a cupcake for dessert.
Snow day #3 is happening tomorrow. Our roads are still a little rough in some spots, so we will be in one more day. Kyle and I worked tirelessly to clean out our storage room so some of their bigger toys can fit in there to make a fun playroom. I will post some pictures when we finish the transformation!

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  1. Uncle Chad will be in the house tomorrow!!!!