Friday, December 10, 2010


This time of year our days are full-so full that this year we actually had to carve out special time to eat dinner as a family on Kyle's actual birthday yesterday. He chose the Dip Dog stand for his birthday meal and Mike brought home lots of dip dogs (similar to corn dogs), onion rings, and fries for us all to share.

We finished off all of that grease with this cookie cake! Yummy:)
Here are my three babes enjoying the gourmet meal that Kyle chose! I love that anytime Hope sees a camera she breaks out into her "cheeeese!"
After we sang to Kyle and let him open his gifts, Ashley and I took David and Hope to our Music Together class and Candy Cane Lane at school while the big boys headed to a local basketball game. That is how we roll in this family-we divide and conquer!

Me and Hope are playing a toe tapping game as we sing one of the songs. We love our music class and we adore Mrs. Rae Ann our teacher. We have one more class before Christmas and then we will start another class in January. Love it. I wore a long skirt to class last night and I will never do that again!

Dave and Hope playing with the scarfs!
Hope could seriously play peek-a-boo underneath these things forever!

At Candy Cane Lane at David's school lo and behold Santa was there visiting! They got their picture made with dear old St. Nick and Hope did not scream as loudly this time!! HA!

This morning after I dropped the boys off at school Hope and I headed to church to wait for this big truck to show up!
It was loaded down with tons and tons of food that we helped sort and pack in boxes for the food bank tomorrow. I was so excited to see this happening at church and I jumped in to help. Hope went with me and the girl had a ball sorting and carrying around food.

Here is the bread Mom-where do I put it? I could not believe how much food was on that truck! We sorted it all out and then repacked boxes for families that will show up tomorrow to pick it up. I was honored to participate in such a vital ministry at church. It breaks my heart, but the truth is that there are lots of hungry people in our own neighborhoods that need this food. Some are desperate for food as they use their very limited resources to maybe heat their homes with nothing left over for food.

Here is just one of many palettes that came off of the truck.

Hope sorting out some soup.

If you told her what it was she could sort some of the brighter colored packages-she was so cute and helpful! I was worried that we would be more in the way than an asset to the team, but she did great and we stayed over three hours.

But after a lunch of pizza, she fell sound asleep in the car on the way home:) I love mission work and I especially love local missions. One of these days I want to go on a mission trip far away but I know that local missions such as this are vital in this down economy. I have neighbors in my sweet town that are desperate for the food we unloaded today and I pray that when they receive that box of food tomorrow that they will know that it came from the One that will always satisfy our hunger and thirst.

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